Learning Outcome #4

Learning Outcome #4

When I first decided to research the “Hattiesburg smell,” I thought I would find an ideal plan in the three proposed Hattiesburg plans. Instead, I concluded that none of the proposals were sufficient and Hattiesburg should consider a Wendel sewage system. The decision to conclude with the discussion of the Wendel sewage system as the ideal solution came after I had written out an outline and finished the majority of my paper. After I re-examined the priorities that were upheld in my first draft, I decided to completely change the organization and conclusion. Instead of concluding with a proposed plan, I decided to end with a proposed change in priorities and a focus on the Wendel sewage systems.

Just as I re-examined my outline and conclusion and found a better way to write my research paper, this land in Gulfport was re-examined and a better use of it was found. At first glance, it seems like an empty lot with no real use. However, when the fact that it could be bought surfaced, it shows potential to be changed into a lovely beachside property.


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