Learning Outcome #5

Learning Outcome #5

Finally, the last learning outcome I have met in this class is “Communicate more effectively using the conventions of standard edited English. My “I am from…” poem always felt like it needed someone more. Through editing it and changing simple parts of it, I made it more aligned with what I imaged it should be. For example, in the first draft I used, “I am from late nights with Harry Potter.” The italics were used to show it was a book. However after I read it over multiple times, I decided that referring to Harry Potter as a person instead of the book was what I wanted to portray. Therefore, I changed the line to “I am from late nights with Harry Potter.” Although it seems like a small edit, I think it made my poem more personal.

This semester I went to New Orleans for the day with my friends and I took this picture of the café we stopped. Before deleting what seemed to be a useless picture, I edited it. With a little editing, I changed the entire feel of the picture to really embody my day in New Orleans. Just a little editing can do wonders for poems, papers, and even pictures.


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