I am not a writer.  My papers are rarely impressive or spectacular. This made my last semester in English 101 Honors a semester full of revisions and work. I left English 101 Honors with a sense of accomplishment and an “A,” so I felt very prepared as I came into English 102 Honors. When I was met with another blog, I became nervous because making any of my work public makes me self-conscious about my writing. After learning that we were focusing on sustainability and eating the zucchini chocolate chip cookies on the first day, I felt ready to take this class head-on.

Despite my initial feeling of readiness, I had no idea how much revision and editing was in store for me. For my research paper, I went through numerous rough drafts, two presentation drafts, and two final drafts. After going back through my research paper I decided to add more emphasis on the effects of prioritizing sustainability in the sewage system solution decision:

“With the prioritization of sustainability in the Hattiesburg sewage systems, sustainability in all areas across Hattiesburg could          be improved. As a Hattiesburg resident, I know first hand how hard it is to recycle. It is not uncommon to go weeks without the recycling that is put out to be picked up. Not because the workers aren’t capable, but because it isn’t a priority. When Hattiesburg wants to see real change in the workers and citizens, changes need to be made. Although implementing a sustainable sewage system seems like a small step; it needs to be seen as a domino in the big picture. Once the priorities are changed in that area of Hattiesburg, they can start to change other places. It starts with the local lawmakers and city employees. If a transition is seen in the leaders of Hattiesburg, it will be seen in the citizens.”

This was added because of a suggestion in the feedback of my final paper: “consider using this idea to lead into a greater ‘so what?’” This gave my paper a more widespread purpose and strengthened the logos behind it. In addition making multiple revisions in this class, I met multiple Student Learning Outcomes.


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